Christy Chiarelli Photography: Blog en-us (C) Christy Chiarelli Photography (Christy Chiarelli Photography) Sat, 22 Apr 2017 17:39:00 GMT Sat, 22 Apr 2017 17:39:00 GMT Christy Chiarelli Photography: Blog 120 80 {Jones Family} Spring is probably my favorite season. It used to be fall, but living in Florida, fall is really just an extension of summer. I especially love spring on our farm. Dogwoods begin to bloom and the rye grass from the winter is still holding it's color. There's about a month before the humidity really hits that is just magic. It was during this perfect season that I photographed the Jones family.  This family had some seriously gorgeous children who are full of energy. We weren't able to get everyone just perfect for a family photograph but I think we certainly captured their personalities and made some memories. Jones2017-17Jones2017-17 Jones2017-47Jones2017-47


Jones2017-30Jones2017-30 Jones2017-1Jones2017-1 Jones2017-10Jones2017-10 Jones2017-27Jones2017-27

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Shugart Family Oh. my. goodness. It has been way too long since I posted. But I have a really good excuse! Her name is Caroline Claire and she was born in early August. She's (of course) the most beautiful baby in the whole world. 

But moving on, here's a blog post about one of my favorite families! We met Jonathan, Jenna and Emery through our dog, Max. They have a sweet German Shorthaired Pointer named Mason. One day at the dog park, Max and Mason became fast friends and we're so glad they did! Unfortunately for us, the Shugarts were only in town for a few months while Jonathan finished up a degree and then they were heading back to Alabama. Before they left, we got together to take some family photos.

Shugart-1Shugart-1 Shugart-8Shugart-8 Shugart-14Shugart-14 Shugart-19Shugart-19 Shugart-22Shugart-22

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Maddox So again, I've been horrible at keeping up the blog part of the website, but I am still steadily taking photos. Steadily being key as I'm almost 8 months pregnant! Craziness. Anyway a few weeks ago, my very best friend, Hannah, and her sweet family came to spend the weekend with us to do some turkey hunting. 

While turkey hunting wasn't exactly successful, we were able to play in the yard one afternoon and get some photos of her sweet fella, Maddox. Y'all I could just eat this kid up. He is the smiliest, sweetest baby ever. He makes you feel like you're actually good with babies- that's how much he smiles. I can only hope our baby is as laid back and sweet as this guy. Just thinking about him makes me wanna squeeze him!


Maddox-11Maddox-11 Maddox-10Maddox-10


Taking photos will make a guy sleepy!



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Christmas Time with Charlotte! So I'm really really behind with my blogs..yikes! But to catch up, here's a little girl that will make your heart smile. Such a fun day with Charlotte and her parents at the Florida Museum of Natural History's Butterfly Rainforest. The Butterfly Rainforest was decorated beautifully for Christmas!

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Shawn+Blair {Wedding} There were just too many amazing shots for me to put in one photo collage so I made a short video of my favorites from this sweet wedding. Shawn and Blair, thank you for letting me be a part of your day. I love all the love in these photographs. Enjoy....

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Charlotte It's FINALLY starting to feel like fall in Florida! I've got my windows open and an apple candle burning. This is such a great time of year. Sweaters, boots, baking and the holidays right around the corner. With that said, nothing says fall more than a trip to the pumpkin patch. My friends, Kevan and Lex, met me a local pumpkin patch to capture some photos of Miss Charlotte. Charlotte was an absolute champ! We were changing her outfits, taking away her pacifier and making her lean against these strange orange balls and for the most part, she just rolled with it. I feel like I know it was a good session when I smile looking at the photos. Here are a few that bring a smile to my face!



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Michelle {Graduation} Sneak Peek A couple of Saturdays ago, Michelle and I met up for a great graduation session at the Thomas Center in Gainesville. Michelle recently graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and she has a really cool story. Originally from the Northeast, Michelle completed her DVM program at Ross University in the Caribbean. I can't imagine how hard that must have been to go to class! After her course work, she did a clinical year at UF and she's heading back up to the Northeast to begin practicing in just a few days. With her warm personality, I know she'll be fantastic.

Also, I was really spoiled with this session because the light was fantastic! We took so many great shots- here are a few .....




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Loomis Family On a recent trip back to Pennsylvania for my brother-in-law's wedding, Elio and I spent one morning of our trip hanging out with cousins Chris, Sarah and Jorden! Jorden just turned two as as you'll see below, he's an absolute doll. He is a mover and a shaker who loves John Deere tractors. He's a real tough guy when it comes to taking his pictures, he would literally give me about 10 seconds of fantastic smiles before saying "all done" and moving to the next thing.

Here are some of my favorites!


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Nicole + Sean {Maternity} Recently, I met up with Nicole and Sean at Kanapaha Gardens to take some of their last photos as "non-parents" :). Pretty soon, family photos will be photos of three.  Nicole and Sean are expecting a sweet baby girl in just a few weeks.  So glad this session worked out, we were afraid of getting rained out and we fought some pretty large mosquitoes, but we got some great shots. Here's just a peek at some of the photos- lots more to come!


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Birthday Weekend So recently my sweet husband surprised me by taking me to my favorite place ever for my birthday - Asheville, North Carolina! Asheville is fun for several reasons but special because it's where we got married :). I also have great family there so it makes it even more fun. The timing of this visit was great because my could-be-my-sister cousin. Lara, got engaged 3 days before we got there.  We went dress shopping and checked out churches and reception venues all while I was there. I was impressed at how much we got done.

Won't this be the perfect little white chapel for a gorgeous May wedding?


The Palmer Chapel is a hidden treasure in Cataloochee Valley built in 1898. It's still in amazing shape and traces of the past are found all around.


Here's a photo of the beautiful bride ...


and I couldn't resist taking one of her maid-of-honor, my other stunning cousin, Abby Rose...

NC-2 These girls spoil me so bad because they are crazy photogenic. 

And I have to thank Elio, my husband, because he went overboard and gave me a new Nikon D800 for my birthday present. This is a camera that I NEVER thought I would own. I'm beyond grateful and totally excited that it takes such stellar pics.

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Tammy + Lamar {A Gainesville Wedding} I really enjoyed spending a Saturday in mid-July with Tammy and Lamar as they began their new life together. Many of our summer afternoons in Florida are filled with rain, but in this case the rain was no match for this happy couple! Here are a few of my favorites from the day. Tammy and Lamar, thank you so much for letting me share in this special day with you. I wish you happiness for many years to come!

Samantha & David (LR)-703



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{Renee} I would definitely say that one of my most favorite things is photographing my friends. There's nothing better to me than grabbing my gear and heading off to explore fun places with people I love. And that's exactly what I was able to do when my friend Renee came to town. Renee is just coming off an amazing adventure. For the last 20+ months, she has been traveling around the world as a missionary on the World Race (both as a racer and then a squad leader). After she came off the field she stayed with Elio and me for a couple of weeks until her job got started.  I enjoyed her time with us talking about Jesus, eating snacks (lots of hummus) and watching Hart of Dixie marathons. Friends are good for the soul. So one afternoon, we headed off to Downtown Gainesville to get a few shots for her new blog. She's a fantastic writer so if you're into blog reading (and I'm guessing you are if you are reading this), definitely check out Renee's blog!

Here are a few of my favs from the day:

Renee-1 Renee-3 Renee-6 Renee-13 Renee-15 Renee-1 Renee-20 Renee-26 Renee-10 Renee-29

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Tammy + Lamar {Engagement Session} Last Sunday afternoon, I met Tammy and Lamar at the Thomas Center in Downtown Gainesville and it was hot...really really hot! Even waiting until after 6 to start the photos, we were still trying to beat the heat. But these guys were awesome and I had such a fun time with them. Tammy and Lamar dated when they were younger but took some time off to grow independently. After a few years apart, they found each other again and are planning their wedding in July! One word that I would use to describe them is fun! From the minute you see them together you can tell how much they love each other and what a genuinely good time they have together. Here's are some of my favorites from our afternoon together.

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Joy + Nate One of my favorite things about photography is getting to spend time with sweet people.  Some of the sweetest people I've worked with to date are Joy and Nate ( I promise I didn't try to make that rhyme). I met Joy when she first moved to Gainesville to pursue her Ph.D. We became fast friends and I've always admired her work ethic and her character. Joy and Nate met at The Ohio State's Agricultural Technical Institute. They worked in a diner together where Nate had the good sense to ask Joy out.  After college, when Joy decided to move to Florida to continue her education, Nate knew better than to let her get away so he moved too. Their wedding was precious. So much in fact, that I caught myself lost in a couple of moments during their vows and had to remind myself--TAKE PICTURES!  Also, their wedding happened to be during Elio and I's anniversary. During the reception, Joy's dad dedicated a song to Elio and I as an anniversary gift. Joy's dad and I are now BFF.


Rumble-57 Rumble-72 Rumble-77 Rumble-94 Rumble-105 Rumble-137 Rumble-201 Rumble-216 Rumble-6 Rumble-2 Rumble-340

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